William Allen/Allin of Salisbury received land in the first division and again in 1640. He was a "townsman and commoner" in 1650 and his occupation was a "house carpenter".

William Allen married (1) Ann Goodale and (2) Alice ____, widow of John Roper and John Dickison, in abt. 1684. His will was written in Boston April 16, 1674 and a codicil was added Nov. 7, 1676, and the will was proved July 22, 1686. Children of William and Ann (Goodale) Allen/Allin (all born in Salisbury): 1. Abigail b. Jan. 4, 1639-40, m. Henry Wheeler 2. Hannah b. June 17, 1642, m. Peter Ayer 3. Mary b. June 29, 1644, m. George Hewes 4. Martha b. 1646, m. Richard Hubbard. 5. John b. Oct. 9, 1648, m. widow, Mary (Pike) Adros 6. William b. Oct. 2, 1650, m. Mary Harris 7. Benjamin b. 1652, m. widow, Rachel Wheeler and Hopestill Leonard 8.Joseph b. Oct. 13, 1653, living in 1678. An inventory was taken on the estate of a Joseph Allen in June, 1682; widow Bethia and children. 9. Richard b. Nov. 8, 1655, d. June 8, 1678, unmarried. A Richard Allin served in King Philip's War under Lieut. Benjamin Swett, June, 1676. 10. Ruth b. Feb. 19, 1657-8, not in will, 1674. 11. Jeremiah b. Feb. 17

Richard Morton Will. Richard Morton 1721–1815 BIRTH 1721 • Henrico, Virginia, United States DEATH 27 FEB 1815 • Prince Edward, Virginia, United States 6th great-grandfather

Richard MORTON Will In the name of God amen, I Richard MORTON of Clarke County being in health and well in my senses blessed be God, make and constitute this my Last Will and Testament as followeth in the first place it is my will that my Executors pay all my just and lawfull debts and if it should be found necessary that any part of my estate should be sold for that purpose it is my will and desire that they sell such part thereof as they in their discretion shall think can be best shared so as to keep the principle together as much as possible. Secondly it is my will that my son Samuel MORTON should remain in full possession of one hundred acres of land on which he now lives during his life and after his decease to be equally divided between his two sons Archibald and Richard MORTON that now live on the said land lying on the braches of stoner in Clarke County to them and their heirs forever – Thirdly I give to my son Quin MORTON one Negro Man named Dick that he hath now in possessi

Plantation Pipeline, also poorly constructed, by low wage republican non union, deregulated rat company's, can take , much of the load. if operated properly.

Much of the pipeline route parallels the path of Colonial Pipeline and many terminals along the route can receive products from either pipeline. Major metropolitan markets served by Plantation include: Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Greenville/Spartanburg, Charlotte, Greensboro, Roanoke, Richmond, and Washington. Plantation consists of 3,100 miles of pipeline, originating at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and terminating near Washington D.C. The pipeline travels through the coastal states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. A branch from the main pipeline also reaches into Tennessee. its memorable, because of the TEXAS ELECTRIC GRID FAILURE< low wages in all the states this entire enfrastructure is located in, the deregulation of all states in question and most of all do not forget its all in stinking inbed , lowlife southyern non 7union REPUBLICAN STRONGHOLDS UNTIL THE LAST ELECTION> Georgia may emerge

Trouble is, this is the Government speaking, so you really have to wonder to get any kind of buy-in from a fearful public.

Rick Arthur Bright is an American immunologist, vaccine researcher, public health official, and whistleblower. He was the director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) from 2016 to 2020. In May 2020, he filed a whistleblower complaint, alleging that the Trump administration ignored his early warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic and illegally retaliated against him by ousting him from his role and demoting him to a position at the National Institutes of Health. On October 6, 2020, Bright resigned from the government. On November 9 he was named a member of President-elect Joe Biden's coronavirus advisory board. The use of RNA in a vaccine has been the basis of substantial misinformation circulated via social media, wrongly claiming that the use of RNA alters a person's DNA (a biologically impossible occurrence), or emphasizing the technology's previously unknown safety record, while ignoring the more recent accumulation of evidence from trials

Iraq Petroleum Company, Rumaila oil field, and the invasion of kuwait. Baba Gurgur.

In 1912, this company became the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPC), formed with the purpose of acquiring concessions from the Ottoman Empire to explore for oil in Mesopotamia. The owners were a group of large European companies – Deutsche Bank, the Anglo Saxon Oil Company (a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell), the National Bank of Turkey (a British concern) – and Armenian businessman Calouste Gulbenkian.[8] The driving force behind its creation was Gulbenkian, and the largest single shareholder was the British government-controlled Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which by 1914 held 50% of the shares. TPC received a promise of a concession from the Ottoman government, but the outbreak of World War I in 1914 put a stop to all exploration plans. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) was a British company founded in 1908 following the discovery of a large oil field in Masjed Soleiman, Iran. The British government purchased 51% of the company in 1914,[1] gaining a controlling number of shares, e


The Durban-to-Johannesburg pipeline was completed in 1965 and is owned by TransNet. The pipeline transports refined petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, jet fuel and gas. It is being replaced by the New Multi-Products Pipeline, commissioned in 2012. The pipeline is planned for retirement.Dec 6, 2017 My Father was Everet Milo Gash . hetook me on pipelines when i was 6 months old, we pipelined all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, Kentucky Missouri Iowa, Minnisota Orego, Idaho, California Wyoming Pennsylvania. Delaware, Texas, Iran, Iraq, Isreal, Holland. The introduction of pipelines to convey petroleum in South Africa occurred in 1963 with a Bill enacted in parliament granting the right to manage them to the South African Railways and Harbours Administration (SAR&H). The Bill called for pipelines to be built 1.5 metres underground where possible.